Job Opportunities

Become a part of a healing community of practitioners!

We are looking for a massage therapist or body worker who would like to step into a professionally designed integrative healing center and develop their work on a part time basis on Saturdays and/or Sundays. If this is you contact Jane Grissmer, M. Ac., Director of Crossings, for more details and to schedule an interview.


We are always looking for practitioners who want to work in a highly collaborative and integrative health care community.

We are seeking acupuncturists, massage therapists, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, osteopaths.

Crossings practitioners are committed to providing excellence in health care.  All candidates will be licensed in their specialty by the State of Maryland, meet ongoing education requirements for their professional credentialing, and offer an exceptional standard of care, which includes:

  • Accomplished technical skills in your specialty
  • Compassionate listening and communication skills
  • Respect for the uniqueness of each individual and their circumstances
  • Ability to teach and support movement toward self-care
  • Commitment to ongoing learning

If your personal mission and professional credentials are compatible, please contact Jane Grissmer to explore joining our organization at 301-565-4924 or