Alaine Duncan

Alaine D. Duncan, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., (301) 565-4924

Alaine Duncan has a unique approach to her acupuncture practice that integrates modern understandings of the neuro-biology of traumatic stress with ancient healing principles from Chinese medicine. Her clinical fascination has carried her heart to places and people she never imagined when she graduated from acupuncture school in 1990, and completed Somatic Experiencing training in 2007.

Alaine has a particular interest in treating acupuncturists and other clinicians who work with trauma survivors. She can offer Somatic Experiencing students credit for personal sessions and case consultation at all levels of the SE training and NCCAOM-approved PDAs to Acupuncturists for case consultations.

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Alaine’s research background includes serving on studies assessing the impact of integrative medicine on compassion fatigue in military caregivers; and on the use of acupuncture for the treatment of combat-related traumatic stress, insomnia, pain, chronic headaches and Gulf War Veterans Illness. Alaine is a charter member of the Integrative Health & Wellness program at the DC VAMC, serving as a contractor there since 2007.

Alaine was a Founding Director of Crossings, and returns with great joy and high expectations! Her book, The Tao of Trauma: East Meets West for Integrative Healing has a Fall 2018 publication date!