Core Classes

Our Core Classes include:

Movement & Dance
Holistic Parenting



Yoga to Renew & Restore, with Elizabeth Hubley, E-RYT 200

Join Elizabeth Hubley for a weekly yoga class to renew your spirit and restore your body. Our practice includes dynamic movement through yoga asanas to support growth and balance as well as an opportunity to slow down, breathe deeply, and connect with yourself in restorative and yin postures. Join us on January 3 for a special New Year class or for a 5-week session this winter to move and breathe in community.

Thursdays • 12-1pm • 5-week sessions: January 10-February 7 & February 14-March 14
$95 for a 5-week session, $20 per class to drop-in

To register please visit: call 202-810-3010 or email




Awareness through Movement®, with Carol Regan, Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner
Mondays, 6:15 – 7:15 pm • February 4 – April 29 (no class 2/18) • $215 for 12-week session; Drop-In Fee: $20 per class

Are you looking for ways to reduce pain, and a novel approach to exercise? These classes use slow, mindful movements to achieve powerful effects in terms of strength, flexibility, and holistic integration of body and mind. Instead of pushing or trying too hard to do something, ATM helps you learn how to accomplish more by doing less. And unique to the Feldenkrais Method® is that these lessons tie directly into functional movements of daily life, such as walking, lifting, sitting or standing.

Lessons last approximately one hour. The aim of these lessons is not necessarily relaxation, but rather healthy, powerful, easy, and pleasurable action.

Awareness through Movement: Introductory Series

Fridays, 9:30 – 10:30 pm • March 1-29 (no class 3/15) • $75 for 4-week session; Drop-In Fee: $20 per class

Have you tried different classes to help you feel more integrated, more relaxed and centered?  You may want to try this class that supports your own self-learning through exploratory movements, focused awareness and attention, and that approaches flexibility, healing from an injury, or any physical limitations in a holistic manner. This four-week series of classes will include time to reflect and discuss changes that may arise as you try new movements.  Cost for the four classes is $75.

To register, or for more information, contact Carol Regan, Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner at

Carol Regan, MPH, Feldenkrais® Awareness through Movement® Practitioner, has been involved in health, health care and healing for the past thirty-five years. She began practicing this Method over 12 years ago and is committed to individual and small group learning to improve health, well-being and healing.


T’ai Chi with Michael Ward, LCSW
Wednesdays Ÿ January 23 – April 10 (No Classes 3/20/19)

6:30 – 7:30 pm   Beginners 1  (Postures 1-12)

7:30 – 8:30 pm   Beginners 2  (2nd /final section; Postures 13-24)

8:30 – 9:30 pm   Corrections (entire 37 postures of the CMC* Yang form)

* (CMC = Cheng Man-ch’ing)
$250 for 11-class session meeting once per week for one hour

Beginner Part 1 classes introduce students to the “T’ai Chi Form,” or the choreography of 37 T’ai Chi movements and postures. In this class, students learn the 1st section (Beginner set) of the form—the first 12 of 37 movements. Each class meets once a week for one hour, for eleven weeks.

Beginner Part 2 classes are for students familiar with the first 12 movements. Part 2 classes continue T’ai Chi study with the 2nd section of the form—movements 12 – 25. Each class meets once a week for one hour, for eleven weeks.

Corrections: Continuing students can refine and enhance their performance in this class. Students should be familiar with the entire choreography of the “T’ai Chi form.” This class covers the entire sequence of 37 movements.

Cloud Hands T’ai Chi classes introduce students to the choreography of the 37 movements and postures that comprise Cheng Man-ch’ing Yang Style Tai Chi (AKA “the T’ai Chi Form”). (Continuing students can refine and enhance their performance in the Corrections class. Students should be familiar with the entire choreography of the “T’ai Chi form.” This class covers the entire form of 37 movements.)

For further information and to register, please go to Phone: 301-525-8266.


Sacred Circle Dance; Dancing for Repair and Celebrating What is Whole, with Evelyn Torton Beck, Ph.D. and Judith Walton, Ph.D.

Fridays, 7:30 – 9pm • Jan 25; Feb 8 & 22; Mar 8 & 22; Apr 12; May 10 & 24; June 7 & 21 • $120 for the fall series or $20 drop in.

With so many changes in the air, the world can feel like a chaotic and challenging place to live, making it more important to dance. By dancing, we not only create a safe space, we create and send positive energy to wherever it is needed. For Spring 2019 we take our inspiration from the Angel cards, focusing on the themes of birth, trust, grace, expectancy, flexibility, courage, and truth.

Sacred Circle dances are moving meditations that embody and integrate mind, body and spirit.  Each dance is taught every time. Our philosophy of dance is, “there are no mistakes, only variations!” For further information contact Evi at  or Judith at

Evelyn Torton Beck, Ph.D. is Women’s Studies Professor emerita and a long-time teacher of sacred circle dance as a healing practice.  She has brought this form of dance to her teaching at the University as well as to professional groups.  Sacred Circle Dance is central to her spiritual practice.

Judith Walton, Ph.D. has been teaching sacred circle dance for more than 25 years and uses the power of dance with diverse groups to achieve wholeness, harmony and balance.  She learned many of these dances at Findhorn, spiritual and ecological community in Scotland.



Mother Voyage:  A Therapy Group for Moms with Lisa Makstein, LCSW-C & Marla Zipin, Ph.D.
Tuesday ۰ Ongoing ۰ 10–11:30 am

Would you like a safe, nurturing place to talk with like-minded mothers about what really matters most to you? Do you want to heal, as needed, the parenting patterns from your childhood and draw on the best of your past, as you mother? Do you want support to parent intentionally and consciously, so you are energized and inspired in your family life? Mother Voyage, an ongoing therapy group for women who are mothers of children of all ages, offers an opportunity to reflect, practice self-compassion, and feel empowered to be the mom you want to be. We believe that when mom is nourished, her family flourishes. Join us to learn and rejuvenate yourself with a circle of kindred women. To register call Lisa Makstein: 301-963-5696 OR Marla Zipin: 301-899-4733 – psychotherapists for over 25 years with much heart; and seasoned moms.



Mindfulness Meditation ۰ Offered by the Still Water Mindfulness Practice Center; Mitchell Ratner, Senior Teacher
Many of us live as though there were tape recorders in our heads – constantly playing back worries, fears, regrets, commentary, and criticism. Mindfulness practice enables us to find the pause buttons on our recorders, to shift from thinking about the world to experiencing it. Join the Still Water community at Crossings to learn Mindfulness practices, such as sitting and walking meditation, and to be part of a nourishing community. Newcomers and visitors are always welcome.

Morning Meditation ۰ Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ۰ 7- 8 am

Evening Meditation and Mindfulness Program ۰ Every Thursday ۰ 7- 9 pm

First Thursdays (monthly) Orientation: 6:30 pm, Orientation to Still Water Mindfulness Practice Center and basic mindfulness practices. Weekly Still Water programs at Crossings are supported by donations.  More information: or contact Still Water at or 301-270-8353

Smiling like a Buddha: A Six-Session Mindfulness Meditation Class, with Mitchell Ratner
Six Tuesdays, January 29 through March 5, 2019 • 7:00 – 9:00 pm ۰ $180
Mindfulness meditation is surprisingly simple and remarkably subtle. With practice we develop a relaxed state of awareness that allows for the moment-by-moment direct observation of sensations, feelings, and mind-states. Intended for both new and experienced practitioners, in this class we will explore conscious breathing, developing/deepening a sitting practice, walking meditation, mindfulness in everyday life, recognizing and accepting feelings and emotions, and much more.

For more information or to register go to  Direct questions to or 301-270-8353. 

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