Unique Offerings

Free Your Neck and Shoulders / Awareness through Movement Workshop, with Carol Regan, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner

Saturday, Mar 17, 2018 • 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Early bird sign up with a friend:  $25/each by March 1st. $35 per person after March 1st.

The neck, shoulder and upper back are a site of discomfort and difficulty for many people.  Discover what you may be doing unknowingly in your chest, neck, or elsewhere that impacts your shoulders. Learn to release tension through gently exploring new ways of moving. This workshop is open to all abilities and ages. For more information & to register, please contact Carol Regan at carolregan53@gmail.com. Workshop will be followed by a four-week series of Awareness through Movement classes focusing on the neck and shoulders, beginning Tuesday, April 3rd.


Be Your Own Therapist: Learn Ways to Change Your Inner Voice, with Alyssa Adams, PsyD, CNS – Clinical Psychologist, Integrative Nutritionist, and Life Coach

Saturday, March 17th • 9am-12pm • $167

So many of us struggle with that negative, evaluative voice in our head that comments on what we’re saying or doing. Have you ever walked away from a conversation to evaluate what you said and did for the next hour? I have! That internal monologue that critiques your every move can be managed. Discover strategies to quickly and easily change the tone of the commentary in your mind to feel more positive, to be in control of your thoughts, and to feel more confident. For more information email Alyssa@DrAlyssaAdams.com. Sign up for the workshop on www.dralyssaadams.com, under the “Work with me” tab on the homepage.