Autumn Spirit

In keeping with the spirit of autumn we would like to share with you the core values that guide our days and work at Crossings.


To provide care and learning that is:

Holistic : We seek to be Whole

Things cannot be broken apart. Body, mind and spirit are intrinsically interconnected. Things can be treated or spoken of in isolation but they still have an effect elsewhere even though we may be unaware of how. Our role in the clinic and the classroom is to foster this interconnection of body, mind, spirit and the inseparability of human nature.

Relational: We seek to be awake to nature, to each other and to the world in which we live

We are all waves in the same ocean. What we put in the ocean matters. Disconnection is an illusion and the effects of separation reach us all. Our role in the clinic and the classroom is to foster an openness and interconnection to all of life and to each other.

Inclusive: We seek to be responsible instead of reactive; open to movement and perspectives

We live in the paradox of light and dark. Differences are inevitable and can be viewed as complementary or oppositional. Our role in the clinic and classroom is to foster open perspectives and communication, learning to appreciate the uniqueness of each other’s gifts.

Unpredictable: We seek to stay open to mystery

Life is not concluded; creation is not finished. There is always an element of potentiality, uncertainty. While we may strive for stability; too much is stifling and nature will always upend it. The truth is that we live on an immaterial foundation which is always moving. In the clinic and classroom our role is to foster a capacity to be in the unknowing with ourselves, our patients and students.

Sufficient: We seek to be sufficient in living

Nature provides unlimited gifts for living. There is enough for all of us if shared and distributed wisely. Our competition is to work together, not against each other.  Our role in the clinic and classroom is to foster sufficiency rather than scarcity; and to allow our living to be fully alive.

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