Spring Health Focus

How do you care for yourself when the winds of change begin to blow?  Whether they bring spring allergies or push us into an abrupt life change, our ride can be bumpy and we can be challenged on any level of Body/Mind/Spirit.

In the physical body we may find that symptoms surface in our contractile tissues, namely, the ligaments and tendons, with tautness or pain;  or our eyes with cloudy vision and watering; or the menstrual cycle with pain and cramping; or digestive functions with bloating, acid regurgitation, or flank pain.  These and many other physical disturbances can arise when our liver and gall bladder aren’t riding the winds so smoothly.

In the emotional body, the rising forces call us to express self esteem, creativity and often a new direction.  When these are blocked we may experience anger or frustration until we push our way through the outworn habits of our thinking mind to open new doors.

In our spirit, spring renews and brings hope, lifting us from a stance of “I can’t” to “I can”.  Set an intention and see where it goes.  Commitment is at the heart of this seasonal force, so grab the wind at your back and ride!

If you want to learn more about aspects of this seasonal energy see the following article written by a Crossings practitioner on Anger/Creativity and Fertility.

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