Support your Health During Flu Season

Flu season is upon us and our practitioners want to do the most we can to help you stay healthy. We do not endorse any particular treatment for the flu; however we do want to make you aware of a range of options available. (for more information see the binder in our waiting room)

• Get your seasonal acupuncture treatment. Being in balance is one of the best and simplest preventive options available. It is the foundation of any approach you may consider.
• Continue treatment therapies you regularly use to support your well-being: osteopathy, physical therapy, massage. These can play a vital role in boosting your immune system.
• If you decide you need more support, consider Chinese herbal medicine immune boosters; and should you acquire some form of the flu, Chinese herbal medicine acute formulas for symptom relief.
• Homeopathy has a long tradition in treating flu prevention as well as a discussion of the theoretical impact of flu vaccines on the body that you might consider.
• Vaccines made available by CDC are widely available from allopathic physicians and community health clinics and should be considered if you feel that your immune system is particularly vulnerable. (for more information visit

Especially during this season, practice common sense remedies that support your health. From the wisdom of Chinese medicine:
• Drink plenty of water
• Be temperate in eating
• Choose extra sleep
• Exercise regularly
• Keep the back of your neck covered when outdoors
• Last but not least, have two good laughs a day to circulate your spirit

From the wisdom of Western medicine:
• Wash hands regularly with soap and warm water
• Cover nose and mouth with tissue when cough or sneeze
• Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth
• Avoid close contact with someone you know is sick with the flu

If you are unsure of your choice and want more information, have a conversation with your practitioner. Our staff medical doctor is also happy to discuss with you personally the best options for your needs.

With Blessings for a Season of Health and Vitality

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