Keep your Health in Balance


Acupuncture at Crossings restores the natural cycles and rhythms of your body/mind/spirit.   All of our biological systems — sleep, appetite, digestion, temperature, mood, fluids, menstruation– occur in daily and seasonal cycles.  When these cycles are disrupted, symptoms arise.  (Medicine that’s Human and Personal, Old and Wise)


While acupuncture is perhaps best known for symptom relief, the range of symptoms which it can address is actually much wider because of its inherent capacity to restore balance, normalize functioning and support the  body’s own healing capacity.   Symptom relief, reduction in pain and discomfort, emotional balance, and spiritual vitality are all conditions acupuncture can address.  (Indications for Acupuncture Treatment)


For many of our patients acupuncture is a health resource for a lifetime.  They have experienced its effectiveness in promoting quality health and living and choose seasonal treatments for prevention and life enhancement.


Our acupuncture practitioners are trained to assess at a very subtle level using the classical four inspections: to see, to hear, to ask, to feel.  These observations are at the heart of Chinese medicine and have been used for thousands of years. They provide a grounded assessment of simple, basic life style changes, unique to you, that will most effectively support your health and well-being.

If you would like an idea, or experience of, a Traditional Exam, you can answer the questions on this Chinese Medical Health Screening form and make an appointment for a free 20-minute introductory session.  And, of course, each of our practitioner’s biographies can be discovered simply by clicking on their name.

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