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Join us for a Spring Equinox Gathering

All are Invited – Family & Baby-Friendly


March 19th, 3-5 p.m. – Free, however donations will be accepted. Suggested donations of $15. All proceeds donated to Shepherd’s Table of Silver Spring

  • Have you noticed an urgency rising in you? Frustration? Anger?
  • Have you been feeling stuck and looking for how to create some “right”movement forward for yourself and in relationship with the events of our times?

Come participate in a community gathering about Spring. This will be a time to learn more about the season from the perspective of Eastern medicine, how we notice it in nature and in our own life; and time to explore ways of working with and supporting rising energy. We will also explore yoga poses that support flow, mobility in the joints, and create calm during this time of change.

Register for class with our front desk in person, by phone (301-565-4924) or via email (frontdesk@crossingshealing.com)


Become a part of a healing community of practitioners!

We are looking for a massage therapist or body worker who would like to step into a professionally designed  integrative healing center and develop their work on a part time basis on saturdays and/or sundays.   If this
is you contact Jane Grissmer, M. Ac., Director of Crossings, for more details and to schedule an interview.

Join us for NEW classes to strengthen, to expand, to discover…

Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) with Katie Conlon

Crossings is looking at all aspects of our human journey
….strengthen your body, expand your heart, and grow your creative spirit………through our new offerings.

Original Research Published

Crossings co-owner, Jane Grissmer, was recently published in The American Acupuncturist, a quarterly publication by the American Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (AAAOM).   Her paper, entitled “The Geometry of Emotion: Healing Emotions through the Lens of Chinese Medicine”, discusses emotions and their transformation through the lens and geometry of qi, yin/yang (life force and polarities), and virtue.



Crossings’ Director Acupuncturist Alaine Duncan and Acupressure Therapist Cathy Miller just had a research paper published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.  The paper describes a year-long Restore & Renewâ Wellness Clinic offered at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for hospital caregivers. We offered ear acupuncture, clinical acupressure and Zero Balancingâ.  Our hope was that by helping these noble caregivers find more relaxed and calm alertness, we could undo, soften, and release the trauma of war – in them and for everyone they touched. The number we are proudest of is a striking finding on the possible impact we had on patient care. Among those who visited the wellness clinic nine or more times, 75% strongly agreed that they experienced more compassion with patients as a result of clinic participation. When health care providers of war-wounded patients are given opportunities to experience more balance and wellness, this evaluation suggests that they may have the potential to “spread” their wellness to their co-workers and their patients.  We couldn’t have asked for more.  Read it here:



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