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Transforming Our Internalized Misogyny:  Mindfulness for Women, with Mare Chapman

September 21, 2019 • 9 – 5 pm

Mindfulness has the power to free us from the oppressive habits of the mind’s conditioning., allowing natural access to authentic self and the wisdom of our true nature. Based on a class the author-instructor has been teaching to women for 25 years, this workshop addresses the ways we’ve internalized the misogynistic views of our patriarchic culture and developed habits of discounting ourselves, giving our power away, striving to be perfect and pleasing, and becoming dependent on others, rather than ourselves, for validation and approval. These habits of “othering” breed self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and relationship addiction, and stop us from being our fully amazing selves. Through brief lecture, discussion, and guided meditations, we will explore these common patterns, review the basic principles of mindfulness, and practice applying mindfulness to transform these gender-conditioned habits. Understanding that these habits are not who we truly are, we will deepen our self-acceptance and trust so we can live more and more in the natural freedom and confidence of our authentic true nature. Appropriate for all levels of experience and for anyone who feels oppressed by our culture’s sexism and misogyny. For more information: Contact La Sarmiento – lasarmiento108@gmail.com


Get Your Back Back: An Awareness through Movement Workshop, with Carol Regan

Saturday, September 28 • 10:00 – 12 noon • $40 payable check or cash

Come to this introductory workshop that is focused on reducing pain and tension in your back, neck, shoulders and hips and aligning your spine for better posture and more efficient movement.

The lumbar spine and hips are functionally connected. This class will help you get your hips and lower back working together, improving that connection and bringing greater awareness and flexibility to your hips and back. You will leave class with a better sense of how different parts of your body are integrated as well as an overall feeling of ease and well-being. To register, email Carol at carolregan53@gmail.com

Carol Regan is an experienced Guild Certified Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner and has been involved in health, health care and healing for the past forty years. She began practicing this Method over 15 years ago and is committed to individual and small group learning to improve health, well-being and healing. She teaches workshops and classes at Crossings and the Center for Mindful Living in Washington, DC, and works with individual clients of all ages.


Chakra Mandala Doodles© Workshop, with Kathy Rausch

Saturday, October 5 • 2019, 1 – 4 pm

$45 Includes the book, “Activate Divine Creativity: The Life-Changing Magic of the Mandala”
Returning Students: $40 (does not include the book)

The Mandala is a magical and ancient art form. While creating a mandala you are supercharging your brain by incorporating sacred geometry and creativity. You’ll learn how to draw a mandala using ancient patterns of unfolding and creativity.

In this Chakra Mandala Doodles Workshop, you will pick the chakra you would like to work on.

I’ll provide chakra stencils to work with if you’d like. You will be provided with all supplies including high-quality Bristol white paper, a compass, ruler, drawing materials, colored pencils, markers, and jewels to create your own unique, gorgeous mandala.

You can create a mandala with just the corresponding chakra colors (lots of shades and mediums to choose from), or you can use any colors you’d like.

All participants will receive the book Activate Divine Creativity: The Life-Changing Magic of the Mandala. If you are a returning student, you can opt to not get the book and receive a discount (as you already have the book!)

There is NO ARTISTIC experience required. Just a willingness to learn and allow your soul to speak creatively.

Space is limited and it’s going fast! Register now to save your spot.

Effective Use of Spirit of the Points: Upper Kidney and Bladder Points, with Marie Connor, M.Ac.,L.Ac.

Sunday, October 6, 2019 • 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 pm

NCCAOM. 7 CEs plus 1 Qigong CE. • $88.00

Acupuncturists from several generations will gather to learn and discuss the deepest spirit level points in our system. We will focus on Five Element style treatment options that help to restore our patients to their natural Tao. This is a special opportunity for newer practitioners to learn from those who have been steeped in practice for decades.
As a bonus, Qigong teacher and acupuncturist, Tracey Burde will teach us a self-care practice that we can share with our patients. “Four Energy Gates”
Register by emailing with the subject line: “I’m IN!” To Marie@marieconnor.com Send your name as it appears on your acupuncture license as well as your license state and number.
Marie Connor, M.Ac.,L.Ac. Has been practicing Five Element Acupuncture at Crossings since 2003. See www.marieconnor.com





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