Late Summer Musings

The farmers market will tell you about the abundance of this time. Sandy, at the local roadside stand remarked, “You have to try the red grape tomatoes.” My son had picked out the yellow ones as an interesting change. They were juicy, sweet and a surprise in my mouth. But they couldn’t compare to the red ones. Sandy was right. My delight as I bit into one of these delectable treats, even surprised me. “This is better than candy!”
Everyone laughed, and joined in with the taste testing, sharing their wonder at what the Earth can provide. I was so thankful for these farmers that grow their food so consciously and lovingly. By the end of my visit, we had exchanged e-mail addresses so that I would know as soon as the Eastern Shore cantaloupes were in.

Later that night, sitting on my front porch I can hear the cricket’s rhythmic call. The soft rain nourishes the last push of the Earth to bear fruit. The harvest is reaching its fullest. In noticing the ripening of the fruit I am grateful for the health of my family and the love of my friends.

The ancient Chinese teach us that health is found by living in alignment with the growth and decline that manifests in the seasonal cycle. Late Summer is a time to receive nourishment, harvest and give thanks for the diverse gifts we have experienced in our year and in our lives. It is a time to begin our slowing down, and certainly to savor the richness of life itself.

You are part of Crossings harvest and have helped to build this circle in the Silver Spring community. The friendships and growth we’ve witnessed in building a foundation of alternative healing in Silver Spring, along with the depth and seasoning of our practitioners, is something we honor, are humbled by, and pledge continued good stewardship.

Integrative medicine is one of the fastest and most sought after areas of growth in the health-care industry today. In increasing numbers, people seek to balance and nourish their health in ways that serve the whole of them. At Crossings, we have cultivated a center that is steeped in the ancient healing traditions, and are blessed to serve the broader Silver Spring community with therapeutic sessions, educational offerings, and a community clinic.

We are proud to offer and present our new website. Browse and find out how Crossings can serve you and the ones you love.


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