Healing Services

The cycles of nature and the rhythms of the body/mind/spirit are the pulse of Crossings – wellness care centered in relationship and learning is the heart of Crossings.

Wherever you begin at Crossings, we approach you with open inquiry and in partnership guide you among our community of practitioners.  At Crossings you will find a thoughtful and caring partner in discovering your health and vitality.

We offer a highly collaborative model of complementary care to find the most effective approach for you. Your care may be coordinated among services such as acupuncture and bodywork; physical therapy; herbal medicine, meditation or qi gong practices.

Specialization among Crossings’ practitioners spans the structural and physical body, emotional and mental balance, trauma resolution, spiritual vitality, and overall health assessments.  We also have a developed referral base for a wide range of western medical care practices.

No matter where you begin, all our practices are rooted in shared healing principles:

  • We have within ourselves the capacity to be whole in body/mind/spirit.
  • Healing like life can be a journey of growth.
  • Our symptoms can be a guide to greater wellness.

We invite you to view the links to our clinical practices and practitioners to begin your journey, or  view the link “which service is right for me” to determine your next step.